Office Hacks: The perfect Notebook for Project Managing

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Losing your desk space to a clutter of notebooks? Are they all written with scribbles and notes that you know were important on the day – but now can’t remember what they refer to? Well now you can organise your projects and de-stress campaigns with our perfect guide to arranging even the most basic notebook.

Break it up

  1. Break it up!

Using page divider post-it notes can break up your notes into categories so that you will always know where those important notes are!


  1. Use Icons.

Drawing icons in the corner of your page can be useful because you could have loads of new ideas so you could put them under a light bulb icon, or you could have so upcoming events so you could put them under an alarm clock icon.

Amazing notes here#

  1. Take amazing notes.

Don’t just write anything. Think about it, does it really need to be written down? Make sure every word you write in your notebook is helpful to what you are doing.

Colour Code

  1. Colour code.

Colour code your work so you know where something is. Or how important it is. And, what it is about without having to read it all.

Don't stop doodling

  1. Don’t stop the doodles.

Just like this little guy said. Having a little bit of a doodle in the top corner is okay because drawing can boost creativity and help you think clearer about the work you have got.

Rip it out and move on

  1. Rip it out and move on.

If some of your notes are not relevant any more then get rid of them, if not it can clutter up your notebook and you won’t find you important notes.

Visit Morgan& – we’ve got post-it notes, dividers & notebook accessories to ensure your notebook is perfectly organised!

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