Ways to use post-it notes in the office.

post it notes

  1. Keyboard cleaners. Whether it’s dust or tiny crumbs littering your keyboard, a Post-it will do the job. Using the sticky side, blot in between keys to retrieve even the tiniest bits of dirt.
  2. How many times have you tried to unplug your mouse only to unplug the keyboard? Keep your cables organized by cutting the sticky part of a Post-It note, labelling it, and wrapping it around electrical plugs.
  3. DIY banners.Make a colourful, personalized banner for any party. Using stencils or free-hand, write one letter per Post-it and arrange on the wall. So crafty!
  4. Got a busy appointment to remember? Write it on a post-it note and stick it somewhere you know you will go past and then when you see it, you will read it and remember that important meeting/appointment.
  5. Stay on task! When working on something and then an unrelated thought pops into your mind, write it on a sticky note that you can attend to when your current task is completed.

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