Check you have got everything for when you go back to school?


You’ve survived the bank holidays, you’ve set your alarm. But are you ready for the ‘Back 2’ blues? Children go back to school, and you go back to work. Use our checklist below to see if you have everything you need:

  1. Pencil case – make it snazzy & show off your keen organisation
  2. Lots and lots of pens… who doesn’t need loads of pens?
  3. Highlighters – make your work colourful and easier to revise from.
  4. Folders –  so you can keep all that important work inside safety.
  5. Be careful when handling the scissors in your pencil case.
  6. You should have a Stapler so that all your paperwork stays together.
  7. Make a mistake? No worries just use your Eraser.
  8. Need a pencil? You are already prepared!
  9. Make sure you have your notebook to make… notes in.
  10. Finally a planner so that you know when all your important deadlines are coming.

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