Need to improve the office mood? Here’s how.

There’s nothing worse than a dull, drab and deflating office. But, choosing the correct colour and lighting for your office can be one of the simplest ways to enhance performance within the office. Different colours and light levels can have multiple psychosocial effects. You can install a varied number of lighting systems that can allow you to alter the hue and brightness of your room to suit the kind of work that you’re engaged in.


Both green and blue can enhance your performance on tasks and produce new ideas. Red is linked with creating superior performance on tasks involving attention to detail.

Here are a few colours to brighten up your day with desk accessories:

Yellow – Happiness, cheerfulness and warmth

Green – Natural, growth and tranquillity

Orange –Energy, excitement and comfort

Blue – Calm, wisdom and loyalty

Purple – Royalty, wealth and spiritual

Red – Love, excitement and danger

White – Purity, innocence and cleanliness

Black – Power, strength, and intelligence

The right temperature is also key for working in an office. When it comes to the climate, employees are more productive when they feel comfortable. But when it comes to feeling comfortable, this can mean different things amongst colleagues. Some workers are happy to sit in an office at room temperature and others like it roastie-toastie. Whereas, not everybody likes to be warm, some prefer to feel cool and alert rather than nice and cosy – no napping allowed!

Ergonomics can also play a big part within an office environment. By choosing the correct chairs it can enhance your productivity within the office. Sitting up straight when typing will help you think more clearly and have a better work output than an employee who is slumped over his or hers keyboard.

Listening to music whilst at work can either work for you or not. Sometimes people choose to listen to music through their headphones whilst trying to concentrate on their work to keep them focused. Sometimes people use noise-cancelling headphones to block out the noise.

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