Office Hack: Making better lunches


Make it yourself

The best we can offer is simply to make the lunch yourself. You’ll end up with tastier and more satisfying food that is much healthier for you. Not only that, you can tailor your lunch to what you like. So no more looking for that BLT on white bread and not brown or be able to have a tuna sandwich without the sweetcorn on.

Make it early

You might not feel like making your lunches the night before but, if you get into a routine, it really doesn’t take long and can free up some time in your morning routine. This will make your mornings more relaxed. This means it can help you feel a lot happier and more productive. There’s only one catch… DO NOT forget it!

Make it adaptable

Salads are so easy to do and they are healthy as well. If you start the week with a batch of cooked meat and a variety of salad items you are all set to have a very healthy and a very green week! Combine your yummy salad with sauces/rice’s or maybe even some pitta bread and you won’t be hungry until it’s time for tea! There is nothing wrong with a sandwich either it’s okay to mix it up a bit so if you have too much salad items and no sandwich items make your chicken salad into a chicken salad sandwich.

Make it go far

It’s easy to make a bit too much food the night before while cooking your dinner so why not make a lunch out of it as well? Pack it in the lunch box the night before and pop it in the fridge and simply grab it in the morning and you are sorted for the day!

Make it a treat

After a long week sometimes you deserve a bit of a treat. After all you have worked hard right? Make sure you remember to put a few things in your lunch that you just fancy. A few biscuits in your lunch box can really brighten a busy day when paired with a hot drink.

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