How to speak in front of large groups of people

public speaking

Write a speech

Write down little notes about what you would like to include in your speech. Add in special effects in your speech. Make the audience think! Put pauses in your speech where there would be points to really think about something. Maybe add in a little humour to your speech. A little joke every now and then will keep a person interested in your speech.

Be sure to practice at home if you get nervous

The more secure you feel about it, the less likely you will be too nervous. If the group throws you off, just imagine you’re in your room (or where ever you practiced) just doing one last practice.

Be yourself

Don’t write something in this whole speech just to try and impress. Add a little something to your speech so it is ‘you’. The more ‘you’ you make it, the less work you have to do, which means the less you’ll have to worry.

Search the crowd for a buddy or family member

Use them as motivation to be the best speaker you can be. If you can’t find them, just remember that they are out there and they see you, even if you don’t see them.

Begin to speak

Wait, begin to speak… slowly! What you think is too slow is perfect. What you think is just right is usually too fast for the people listening.

Have fun with it and enjoy it

If you hate it, the audience will hate it. But if you have fun with it, it will show in your words, and the audience will have fun too.


  • Trust yourself
  • Regular practice with a small group like toastmasters will build your confidence and improve your communication techniques
  • Show your personality
  • Be confident and energetic—not scary energy, but where it’s fun for everyone
  • Speak slowly
  • Have emotion
  • Smile
  • Know what you’re talking about
  • If you’re getting jitters and butterflies, take a few deep breaths to calm yourself and speak loudly, especially for a larger crowd
  • If you mess up during your speech, don’t go back and correct yourself. Make it look like part of the speech

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