Can you afford to ignore the facts about Identity fraud?

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First what is identity fraud?

Your identity and personal information is invaluable. Identity fraud occurs to an individual when their personal information is used by someone else without their knowledge to obtain credit, goods or other services fraudulently.

It is important that you understand how fraudsters can get their hands on your information so you can take steps to protect yourself and your family.

Here are a few facts about the British view of identity fraud:

  • 95% of British people are not completely confident that organisations they deal with will stop their personal information from falling into the wrong hands
  • The banking/financial services sector is deemed the safest by British people. Yet just 78% of British companies in this sector have a comprehensive policy with clear dos and don’ts for employees to follow to help protect identities

Identity crimes remain the largest battle – the abuse of identity details accounted for over 60% of all fraud in 2013. This confirms that the misuse and abuse of personal data is the most severe challenge to organisations and individuals.

Over 129,000 victims of identity related crimes were recorded during 2013.

49% of all fraud was identity fraud

60% of identity fraud victims were men.

To find out more, keep updated with us for the next week where will we have more about identity fraud and how you can prevent it!

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