Precautions for you


  • Keep your personal information, credit cards, passwords and pin numbers in a safe place (probably a lockable drawers or safe) and don’t share these details with people or companies you don’t know or trust.
  • Never throw away bills, receipts, credit or debit cards slips, bank statements or even unwanted post without destroying them first, ideally with a cross-cut shredder.
  • Always protect your post, especially if you live in a building where other people can easily access it. When you move house, redirect your mail from your old address to your new one for at least a year.
  • Check all your statement and financial records as soon as they arrive and report any discrepancies straight away. Regularly obtain a copy of your credit report.
  • Be wary of what information you publish online and who you make it visible to. Think before publishing phone numbers, pictures of your home/work place/school/address, date of birth or full name.
  • Make sure your computer is protected from the threat of online attacks.

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