Office Christmas party


  1. Have fun, drink, be merry, but remember to do it within reason…these are still your co-workers and you don’t want to be the topic of conversation the next day as the drunkest person at the holiday party.
  2. Holiday parties give you the platform to get to know people you wouldn’t normally interact with at work; it’s a good opportunity to meet new people, network, and get to know colleagues who work in different departments, so don’t be cliquey, and speak to everyone.
  3. If it’s fancy dress, don’t go overboard with your costume, and read the labels of any products used.
  4. On the subject of fancy dress, make sure your fancy dress outfit has an accessible zip in case you need to pop to the loo.
  5. Plan your escape route. Investigate how you’re getting home from the party beforehand, and make enquires about local cab numbers in advance. Take out the cash you need to get home, and check you haven’t left your house keys or travel card in the office before you went out.
  6. Don’t talk about work! Parties are meant to be fun.
  7. Get everything you need ready for the next day at work before you go out, to make getting up in the morning as pain-free as possible. Then, have some breakfast and get on with it.
  8. And finally, have plenty of tea and good mince pies (they’ve got to be good ones!) both before and after the party. And from everyone here: have a great time!

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