How to Stop Beating Yourself Up for Mistakes at Work


  1. Reframe.

When you make a mistake, do you think “I made a mistake” or “I made a mistake because I’m so stupid”? It’s important to stop yourself before you get to the second, beat-your-self-up statement. Making mistakes doesn’t make you stupid. It doesn’t even make you a person who tends to make that kind of mistake, unless you get so fixated, you can’t think clearly and do a clean post-mortem on the problem.

  1. Act like you’re your own best friend.

If your brother or mother or best friend made an error, would you jump down their throats and castigate them for it? Hopefully not. Treat yourself as kindly as you would treat another person — someone you loved, whose feelings you valued.

  1. Practice.

You won’t break the bad habit of a lifetime in a day or a week. The good and bad news is that you’re human, so chances are, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice being kinder to yourself.

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