Sit/Stand Desks

Standing can allow your body to adjust and move in an easy, simple manner. By flexing your muscles continuously this will keep your body well circulated, lowering your blood pressure, letting you live longer!

Sitting for long periods of time increases peoples chances of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Those who sit a lot are 54% more likely to have a heart attack.

But we don’t simply have time to go the gym. Also – studies show that regular exercise does not counteract the effects of prolonged sitting. The only way to reduce or eliminate the negative impact of prolonged sitting is to not do it.

Working at a Sit/Stand desk enables you to have the benefit to sit and stand when needed. As standing for too long and sitting for too long isn’t healthy – you can and should have the option of two!

Types of Sit/Stand Desks:

Electric Sit/Stand Desks:

The most popular solution as it’s easy to use. Electric desks use little power and certain brands measure your sitting time and provide PC user prompts. We suggest going for a 5 year warranty to ensure you get the most from your sit stand desk.


The counter balance desk has a releasing and locking lever to alter height. They require moderate force to push down and can easily be raised upwards. For optimum performance it is essential to firstly identify the proposed weight loading for each desk.

Winding Handle:

They use a cog and wheel system to elevate the desk. A more traditional solution, but as it is slower and less practical that others in the industry it has become less popular over time.


The desk combines both counterbalance and winding handle functionality. A recent development and may be a popular solution to many.

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