How to snow proof your car!

  1. Unstick your wheels

To prevent your car from getting stuck in the ice, place traction gadgets such as snow chains or metal frames onto your wheels the night before. For a quick and cheap fix, put cat litter or salt underneath your tyres to help melt away the ice, making it easier for your car to move off.

  1. Protect windscreen wipers

To save time on frosty mornings, cover your windscreen wipers with a pair of warm socks in the evening. Leaving these cosy windscreen protectors overnight prevents your snowy wipers from attaching to your windscreen. If you forget to prep the night before, mix up a solution of one part vinegar to two parts water and apply to your wipers to thaw the frost.

  1. De-frost your windscreen

Soak an old towel in a solution made up of water and table salt and place onto your car windows the night before. If you’re out of salt, another frost-fighting potion can be made up when mixing two parts of alcohol to one part of water.

  1. Park facing east

Changing the position of your parking could help kick start the snow removal process. By parking facing east, the morning sunlight melts away more of the ice than it would if your vehicle was parked in the opposite direction.

  1. Stop car doors getting stuck

Spraying some cooking spray on the rubber edges of your car doors can prevent them from freezing shut overnight. It’s important to never try to force your way into the vehicle as it can damage the seal around your door. Pouring a bucket of warm water over the affected area will help to thaw away any remaining ice in the morning.


Even after you’ve successfully snow-proofed your car, it’s always important to drive extra carefully in wintery conditions. The Highway Code advises drivers to “take great care and allow more time for your journey” as well as checking that your route is clear before setting off.

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