Email Office Hacks!

You know when you have that piece of work that you need to do and all you can see is the deadline date approaching fast and all of the distractions? There is often no end to the number of distractions that can stop you from working… I’m guessing it’s your turn to make the tea? Or are you a sucker for the office gossip? In any case whatever your little distractions are it doesn’t beat your inbox!

Emails seem like they make everything easier in the office but as the number of emails pile up it can get really stressful and you know you need to get through them but remember you have other work you need to do as well! Learning how to organise and manage your email can be tricky but it is an important step in creating a stress-free work environment but to make sure you don’t miss anything can be a very daunting task.

Read below our top hacks for your email!

Cut out the noise

One of the worst things about a full inbox is knowing what you are going to find once you open it. The first thing you need to do is cut out all the noise on your email. Unsubscribe from those newsletters you seem to never make time for and turn of social media notifications… You are most likely going to see what they are once you are on the actual social media website.

Set some rules

Not everything that comes into your inbox needs to be in your inbox. Most email platform allow you to set up rules for certain emails i.e. if (enter email address) do the following (Delete, move to, mark as junk, archive, forward to etc.) if you take a little bit of time out to set some rules and you are saving time in the long run.

Deal with the small things first

Although some people will tell you ignore your emails for the first hour of the day, by answering the smaller emails at the start of the day you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment can that can put you in the right frame of mind to tackle the bigger tasks later on.

Make your inbox zero

In a busy inbox, trying to find an email you need is not going to happen efficiently. Rather than waste precious minutes trying, get into the habit of moving emails out of your inbox as soon as possible. Always aiming for an empty inbox will keep the urgent emails clearly visible.

Avoid silly mistakes!

When you are trying to get a task done quickly, it’s easy to rush and make mistakes- mistakes that can take yet more time to clear up! When you are writing an email, don’t add the email address in until after you’ve written the draft. This will avoid accidentally sending too soon and wasting time sorting the mess out afterwards.

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