How can negative thinking ruin your life?

  1. It makes you unproductive.

Doing anything negative can make you feel slow. Negativity can affect your actions in so many ways. How are you meant to know how and/or where are you going to motivation to kick start your day if you are thinking with a pessimistic attitude!

  1. It can make you harsh.

We all know how negative thinking can make you feel quite bitter. Often we do not even know what we may be feeling bitter about. That is how quickly negativity can spread. Eventually you may find yourself being angry about everything. If you find yourself becoming bitter or angry, take time to figure out what it is that is causing you to feel that way. Obviously stemming from something negative in your life, figure out what it is and contradict it with something that makes you feel happy. There is no joy in bitterness. No confidence in anger.

  1. It clouds your judgement

Negative thought cloud judgement. Negativity has a direct link to self-doubt. Not only that, negative thought leave you feeling unsure about everything and everyone. The unsureness created by depressing thoughts affects the way you see things. If you are unsure about anything then take breather and clear your head, it’s going to do you good!

  1. You can’t do your best.

Negativity keeps you from doing the best you can do. Like being unproductive, not doing your best can keep you feeling trapped. You can end up not going that extra mile and only doing the things that you NEED to do. Activities like going to work, eating healthy and being a social person.

  1. Everything becomes a problem

When allowing yourself to think negatively, everything you do, everything you say, everything you see r feel becomes a problem. Your insecurity and lack of trust leaves you feeling like everything around you is a problem and then because you are feeling like the smallest of thing suddenly become the biggest of problem and you end up feeling drowned in things you have to do! To change this, you have to change the way you think. It may not be that easy but if you start off small and bridge your way out from them you will be able to recognise what is really a problem and what is just you being silly.

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