My Favourite Things About Fall

Autumn is my favourite season – and it’s no wonder why! It’s the best excuse to stay in bed with your blankets, watch movies and prepare to hibernate for Winter. I know some people are dying inside because it means an end to Summer, but there’s an endless list of reasons I could produce as to why I love fall, however, we’ll stick with my top 15…

  1. On a superficial note, my absolute favourite thing has to be the Autumn leaves. It makes everything seem so much more colourful; it really does brighten up my whole year. Some of the most beautiful pictures I have seen have been taken through autumn. It makes for a beautiful scenic picture…autumn-photo2
  2. Sweater weather, of course! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t adore being able to go everywhere in their comfiest, warmest clothes. Don’t even try and tell me you’re not over the moon when you can finally get back in to your fall wardrobe.94
  3. Sitting by the fire, I love this! Being able to sit in front of a toasty fire with a blanket watching TV or reading a book is complete bliss. Even the crackle of a roaring fire makes everything feel cosy and homely.giphy.gif
  4. You know when you walk out of the house on a damp Autumn morning and you can literally smell the crisp air… that’s my favourite smell in the whole world. It feels like the freshest and purest air in existence.autumn-112.jpg
  5. Conkers! It’s the season kids start collecting their conkers, soaking them in vinegar and starting a 1 on 1 Conker battle in the playground. Don’t you miss being a kid?conker__1603548a
  1. Pumpkin, pumpkin and more pumpkin! They make everything out of pumpkins during Autumn these days… and I’m so glad! When Autumn comes around, you know it’s time for that luxury pumpkin spice latte, and you know it’s the most delicious hot drink ever!pumpkin-spice-600x450
  1. And of course, who can forget mulled wine? That warm mix of spices on your taste buds is the most relaxing drink you will ever know. Plus, the festive season is the time to be merry and bright, right?mulled-wine
  1. Now we all know Autumn is the start of the festive season… which brings me to Halloween! Who doesn’t love dressing up? Especially when it means you can look as hideous as possible and people will praise you for it! Plus… more pumpkins! No one can deny a love of carving pumpkins.hungry-history-the-halloween-pumpkin-an-american-history-e
  2. Caramel Apples, Apple Cider… need I say more?download
  3. Ever noticed how the smell of cinnamon becomes increasingly more popular during fall? I love that smell. Once Autumn hits, everyone starts baking with cinnamon – lucky for us! Cinnamon rolls, muffins, buns, waffles… hungry yet?img_4711.jpg
  4. Fireworks, candy floss, fairground rides – everything that makes up a perfect bonfire night. I adore the 5th November, there’s something about burning an effigy of Guy on the fire that makes the night feel magical. Especially if you’ve gone all out with sparklers!fireworks-animated-gif-7.gif
  1. Who can deny their love of cosy nights in by the fire? The problem with Summer is that you’re practically forced to head down to your local beer garden and socialize; but Autumn months are the perfect excuse to stay in as much as you like… you don’t even need friends during this season! Secretly, everyone is hibernating
  1. Scarves, hats and mittens! Who doesn’t love being able to wrap up looking cool to stay warm? Fall fashion is my favourite kind.323b1859-1600x1067-1
  1. Perfect weather balance – hear me out… In Summer, the heat can often get too much and leaves us all sweating profusely throughout the day. But in Autumn, the mornings are crisp and it’s a constant, refreshing, cool breeze blowing by. At least we’re not promised sunshine and delivered days of rain… we get what we expect, and I love how refreshing the air is.tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640
  2. And finally, Autumn in itself. I don’t know one person who doesn’t love everything about this beautiful season. My problem is that it lasts only a few short months…

So that’s everything I love about Autumn in a nutshell… what are your favourite things about Autumn? Tweet us @MorganOffice with the hashtag #FallFavourites!

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