Green and Gold Designs Take Over 2017 Office Trends

Do you work in a busy environment? Do you feel under-pressure and wish you were outside rather than stuck inside your hectic office space? Then it is time to switch those pale colour designs for the more calming and soothing shades of green.

Choosing office colour design is essential for the environment that you wish to create for employees. By ensuring employees work efficiently and feel as little stress as possible, colour designs can be the difference between a hardworking and a deflated individual. Subconsciously, colour psychology is the idea that colour impacts mood and therefore, identifying the right colours for a work-space can influence the dynamic within the office.

As the latest office trends focus on bringing healthier lifestyles and bringing nature into the work-space, green is the ideal way to set the scene. The feeling of outdoors creates a fresh and calming environment. Workers who feel nervous when communicating or those who are under too much pressure, will benefit from surroundings of greenery by feeling a sense of balance and concentration.

But, there are more ways to create the earthly feel other than by painting the walls green. Another latest office trend is indoor feature garden walls. Although, you might be wondering how much money it will cost for the maintenance for a real life indoor design. However, artificial plant features give the same effects, without the conservation and cost concerns.


2017 is the year for the G’s, as well as green becoming a prominent colour for 2017, gold is also taking over. In 2016, copper made its mark throughout offices, but moving forward, colours of the metallic spectrum are making their way into first position. Gold is associated with wealth and often, the hierarchy within the office. However, as colour trends change, so does the mentality of the top of the chain. Managers, directors, and those who in recent times would be found in a segregated office, are now looking to share work-space with their own employees to enhance productivity and sharing of ideas.

Implementing gold designs and features within open work-spaces, meeting rooms and receptions, will create a lavish and sophisticated environment. Gold surroundings may be detrimental in influencing employees to feel innovative and inspired with the elegance they are working in.

Designing office space is critical and should be carefully considered to bring out the best of your staff. Prompting positivism through colours, fabrics and wallpapers are a fundamental aspect for office designs.

If you are ready to get rid of the old, start purchasing more green and gold!